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Team Cwift Thanksgiving COD Turkey Shoot

Come join us for a fun, friendly, and competitive Call of Duty Modern Warfare tournament. Game structure will be 1v1 deathmatch or 2v2 team deathmatch if we get enough players.

Who: COD players - All welcome (13+). All platforms (PC, Xbox, PS4...etc).

What: COD Cold War Team Deathmatch 1v1/2v2

Where: Join up in our Discord: Server to be hosted in NA. All regions are welcome to join. If we get enough EU people we will consider opening an EU server as well for this tournament.



Saturday 11/28 2pm ET: Qualifiers

Sunday 11/29 2pm ET: Semi-finals and finals

Cost: $4 entry fee

Grand Prize: 50% of all net proceeds from entry fees collected! The more entries, the bigger the grand prize! Tell your friends!

To register:

  1. Send $4 entry fee payment via PayPal to: (please use bank account and specify "sending to a friend" when submitting payment in order to avoid additional fees)

  2. Complete this brief event registration form.

For any questions specific to this event, DM Cwift-Blaze246#6454

Attention Streamers:

We would love for you to stream this event! If you plan to do so, please send your username and specify streaming platform to Cwift-Blaze246#6454.

Event Rules and Policies:

  • All event registrations must be submitted using the registration process above, completed by the registration deadline above.

  • All rounds to be hosted on an NA server by default. If two EU teams end up competing we may consider running the round on an EU server at our discretion. However if one NA team and one EU team end up competing, they will compete on an NA server. This applies to all rounds - qualifiers, semi-finals, and finals.

  • Grand prize amount to be calculated as 50% of all Net Proceeds from Entry Fees collected. Net Proceeds from Entry Fees are calculated as Gross Net Proceeds from Entry Fees minus any 3rd party fees (For example, PayPal fees paid by the seller). Note that submitting payment to using a bank account and "send to friend" results in no 3rd party fees, and is therefore recommended.

  • Grand Prize to be distributed as digital Amazon gift card.

  • Grand Prize winner will be determined by winner of final tournament.

  • For 1v1: Grand prize amount to be given to winning individual. Must have one single email address on file to receive prize.

  • For 2v2 and team events: Grand prize amount to be given to winning team. Must have one single email address on file to receive prize.

  • By participating in this event, you are attesting that you are at least 13 years old and you are providing your consent for Team Cwift to use the personal information you provided for the purposes of running this event and as specified in the Team Cwift Privacy Policy:

  • Team Cwift will make every effort to ensure that our events are run smoothly and fairly. In the event of a dispute, Team Cwift will make reasonable attempts to resolve the issue. Team Cwift is the final decision-maker regarding any and all disputes regarding this event.

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